BaxterStorey Ireland Partners with 2GoCup

It is with great excitement that our Head of Coffee, Elizabeth Skelly announces our partnership with 2GoCup.

Tell us about 2GoCup

2GoCup is Ireland’s first deposit and return cup scheme. The sustainable initiative tackles the issue of single-use plastics by revolutionising the way our customers order their drink on the go. As many as six single use coffee cups are thrown away every second in Ireland. The only way to combat this waste is to reduce our dependency on single use coffee cups.

How does the scheme work?

When they order their coffee, customers will be asked to pay a deposit of 1 euro for a 2GoCup. When they return in the afternoon, or the following day, they receive their deposit back or a fresh 2GoCup. Upon the first deposit, customers receive a reusable lid which is theirs to keep.

Will the scheme be rolled out across all locations?

Dublin City Council were part of the 2GoCup pilot phase and due its success, Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo then launched the initiative in November 2019. The plan is to roll the scheme out across multiple locations, including The National Botanic Gardens. To date, we have seen an 84% saving on our disposable cup purchases.

Why is this sustainable initiative important?

With Ireland unable to recycle single-use cups, with most compostable cups ending up in landfill, we are delighted to have partnered with 2GoCup in rolling out this sustainable initiative together. It’s great to see such progressive steps taken to tackle single use cups and we look forward to it continuing across our locations. With our customers becoming ever more environmentally conscious, there is no better time than now to join this network.

Brian Grey, Corporate Sustainability Coordinator said: “2GoCup has been an important part of our solution to removing almost one million single use items from our annual catering services to our customers at ESB. The process could not be simpler and employees like the fact that they are part of something bigger, a growing network that is helping Ireland to kick its single use habits”.

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