Spring into action this March

With the snow now well and truly behind us, David Gillick shares his tips for springing into action with longer evenings coming our way this weekend.

From heavy snow, rain and more snow, it’s been a long winter. One thing is for certain, the evenings will be getting longer! The hour goes forward this coming Saturday (24th March), so now is a great time to get active!

Here are some of my top tips….

Sign up!

It doesn’t matter what it is but registering for an event can be a great motivator. Be it the Vhi women’s mini marathon, the ring of Kerry cycle, a park run or a local spin/circuit class, signing up and paying the money can be the required push to get you moving. An event provides a target and something to work towards, therefore there is a purpose to get out there and get moving. Me, I’ve signed up for the Westport Gran Fondo in April…122km cycle in 1 day. Best take the stabilizers off…ouch!!


Exercise is a lot more fun when you do it with friends. There is an element of accountability and guilt if you don’t show up, but also it’s fun to have someone there with you on the journey. It’s not easy walking into a new class by yourself, so give someone you know who wants to get fit a call and walk into that class together.


Put it in the diary

We are great at putting office or social meetings into diaries or calendars on phones but how many of us put in exercise classes into our diaries. Try to incorporate our fitness routines into our lives, if it’s in the diary there’s a better chance you will do it.

Start small

There’s no need to radically change things over night. If exercise is completely new to you start small – pick 2 days during the week to get active. Sometimes when we change everything in a short space of time, it becomes unsustainable, so keep it simple and build it into your week.

When to do it

As a parent, when I get home after a day’s work I find it hard to get back out to go training or to the gym. You want to see your children, and they need to be fed and then put to bed. Time is the enemy so if the opportunity to get some training done during the day is an option, grasp it.

Keep it intense

Time during the day is precious. So, a short intense training session can be a great way of getting an effective workout done. Exercising doesn’t have to take 60 minutes, you can do great work in even 20 minutes. Start with intervals, a period of activity followed by a period of rest. These can be done by walking fast, walking slow or running fast, then slow or in the gym doing an exercise and then rest. You can dictate the time 1 minute on, 1-minute rest…the shorter the rest the harder you make it.

So even if you only have 20 minutes and your willing you to get the heart pumping…time is no problem.


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